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Lala Hui Tang Hung, 6A

i am Lala Hui Tang Hung, 6A


The head of Hong Kong’s Olympics Committee has called on protesters not to send a "political message" when the Games flame arrives in the territory.


Even though everyone has the freedom to express themselves, I think it is not good to send a political message on the torch arrived day. I hope that the Olympic Games can hold on successfully and there are no more negative news about the Olympic Games.Also, I am looking forward to the Olympics coming.Especially the Games hold on our motherland this year.When I watch events in the Olympics, I always cheer for the Chinese team because I associate myself with China.

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Suki 撰寫: I glad to hear that the Chinese government can seize an opportunity to hold the Olympic Game.I believe that we can win a good reputation.4 月 16 日 cheungcandy撰寫: 6A Candy I am pleased that Olympic Game can hold on our motherland,too.So, I hope evrerything can carry on favoringly.4 月 16 日 cheungcandy撰寫: I am pleased that Olympic Game can hold on our motherland,too.So, I hope evrerything can carry on favoringly.4 月 16 日 chanhoi ki撰寫: I totally agree with you. Political element should not be included in the Olympic Game. the Olympic Game is owned by people of the whole world.their action is rarther rude toward the Olympic Games.i belive all people are looking forward to watching the Olympic Game.4 月 16 日 鍾小咪\’\’撰寫: I agree with you that it is not good to send a political message on the torch arrived day. It is because Olympics is a grand occasion, it cannot have too many negative image. Also I am looking forward to the Olympics coming because I really like watching Olympics games. I want to cheer for my favorite athlete.4 月 15 日 THIRZA 撰寫: Hi,I am Thirza Yim Lai Lam,6A :)I am very happy and looking forward to the Olympic Games in China.Nevertheless,the protesters\’sabotage is very annoying.Although they have rights to express themselves,they should not mix with the political issue !4 月 15 日 Man Man 撰寫: Yes, you are right.I also think that it is not good to send a political message on the torch arrived day as Olympics is not about the type of polity. About the problem , most of western media always make negative news as they envy China .A majority of western countries are afraid of China overtaking them.Thus, if they have a chance ,they must treasure it .Anyway, i believe that our motherland can probably deal with it .4 月 15 日 Kathy Cheung 撰寫: hi, i am kathy Cheung Kam Fung , 6A : ) I totally believe that Tibet is a part of China . Altough there are different kinds of custom , being a multinational country ,it is in reason.In term of the people of Tibet show their political message on the torch arrived day , it is shame and without common sense . Poor!!!!!!4 月 15 日 Train撰寫: Train In fact, I have a little bit angry with the lies and distortions in the western media.Western society have prejudice to Chinese and they create a lot of fabricated stories in the media. Being a Chinese, we have to fight for the justice,against the prejudice from the western society and the lies and fabricated stories in the media. 4 月 15 日 hosin kei撰寫: VanessaActually, I am very happy that China can hold the 2008 Olympics. However some people are doing wrong things now. I think the Olympic Game should not mix with political issue. I hope some people will understand it.We are ready .4 月 15 日 manki撰寫: monkey 6AI am very happy that beijing can become a host in Olympic Games this year. this is our glory. Moreover, I am looking forward to watching the competition of horses in Hong Kong too. So in summer holiday, i must spend some time to watch it. this chance is so rare.4 月 15 日 (沒有名稱) 撰寫: I am Aurelia from 6a. I wonder why people especially for those people who are fighting for or proclaiming the independence of Tibet will mix these two things together. I think we should treat them seperately. Political elements should not be get involved in the Olympics game and Olympics games should be held without any intervention. I hope that China will hold the Olmypics successfully and have a remarkable result on Chinese history.4 月 15 日 manuen ching撰寫: Ching(6A)Beijing Olympics is a big event in the world, especially in China. It is the first time even the last time for China to held Olympics during this century. All the Chinese people just wanna to have a successful and unforgettable Olympics. Sports and politics must be separated. We are ready to welcome all the best athletes in the world.4 月 15 日


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