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Jason Wong 6B (26)


Eight bears rescued last month from a bile farm in Sichuan had cancer and were dead within a week of being moved. The bears had died of liver cancer or gall bladder tumors. Some of them were semi-conscious, some had ulcerated gums and their paws were cut off.

Bear bile is regarded as a remedy for ailments associated with the eastern concept of "heat". Bile farms have been under fire for their cruel treatment, which involves creating a permanent hole in the bears’ abdomens to extract bile, a process that farmers claim to be painless and "more humane".

According to the components of the bile, I don’t think it has such medical usage. Even if bear bile have such function, I question the quality of bile as some of the bears were semi-conscious, some died from liver cancer. How can the farmers claim the idea that process is painless? I think they should be denounced and ashamed as they believe in such foolish idea and mistreated those bears.

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  1. JCCSS 說道:

    OKOK 撰寫: I my opinion, every animals must have their function in the nature. They can maintain the balance of the world. But just because some foolish idea, we broke the balance. I think every animals are equality, we should not hurt them. 4 月 20 日


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