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A Hong Kong freighter and a Chinese fishing boat collided in the high seas off southern of Japan. In the accident three fisherman died and thirteen fisherman were still missing.

In my opinion, many accidents on the sea have happened in recent months, I think the government should pay attention on the safety of boat in the sea and have a review on the rules of boating in the sea.

Hopefully fewer accidents will happen and nobody will be hurt in the future.

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    matthew 撰寫: i absolutely agree with you. the government should do more to protect the fisherman. the safety of boat is very important.4 月 22 日 Caspar Lau 撰寫: Yes i strongly agreed with you. On Spring to Summer, there are lots of typhoon will occurs at the sea that near Hong Kong. The ship may encounter many accdicents in those seasons. I hope the fishmen can be more careful.4 月 21 日 Nick 撰寫: I totally agree with you. The recent accidents happen around the sea of Hong Kong has gave out a warning the government should something to prevent that kind to happen again.4 月 21 日 Jason Wong 撰寫: Presently, I would say that this kind of accidents may be unavoidable. This kind of accidents are always happened because of lack of maintenance, overload, artificial mistake, etc.Most of people work on boat only wanna make as mush money as possible,they even ignore the rule and safety.Finally, when the luck is run out, the accidents are occurred.4 月 21 日 Jason Lam 6A 撰寫: This kind of accidents are always happened. In that case, I think the dead was very poor and innocent. They just work in the sea for their life, but they lose their life in the sea too. I hope every one work in the sea have good luck to life.4 月 17 日 KATHY CHEUNG 撰寫: YES, I have got your point . More rules of boating on the sea should be recommended.4 月 17 日 chanhoi ki撰寫: also if someone go to another countries by boats,they may be arrested.the vitims can\’t escape immediately,when they are in boats.4 月 17 日 kabie 撰寫: this kind of accidents are always happened.4 月 17 日 KEIKO 撰寫: I think this is not the posibility of the government ,the fire is an accident andno one has responsibiityi hiope this accident will not happen again4 月 16 日


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