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Helen Lau 6B (13)

The Olympic torch have arrived in Paris last Monday. Similar in London, the Olympic torch relay has been targeted by protesters against China’s policies on human rights and Tibet. The security officials had to put out the iconic Olympic flame four times and take refuge on a bus. The interruption included grabbing the torch and the crowd waving Tibetan flags which confronted the torch-bearer. Finally, the police made 28 arrests.

In my opinion, the Olympics is a great sporting event and give out the message of peace. It should be kept away from politics. Protesters should not interrupt the Olympic torch relay as the way to express their discontent. Actually, mixing politics with sports is not the spirit of the Olympic Games. To stop the passing of the Olympic torch shows a lack of respect for the basis freedom of the athletes to carry this flame. On the other hand, I think the protesters also have their right to make their point, but they should make their point in a peaceful and orderly way. As a Chinese, it is a glory that the Olympic Games can be held in Beijing in 2008. Hope that the Olympic torch can be relayed smoothly i other countries and the 2008 Beijing Olympics can be held successfully.

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    (沒有名稱) 撰寫: I agree with you that the Olympic Games should be away from politics. I feel sad to hear that some foreigners interrupted the Olympic touch relay to express their unhappiness on China\’s policies on Tibet.They should respect the Olympic Games and China. cindy 6B4 月 20 日 wually撰寫: The Olympic is an international event and the torch is a symbol of peace.The protesters should not interrupt the Olympic torch and express their opinion in a peacefully way instead of stopping the passing the torch.4 月 20 日 louria 撰寫: Actually, Ialso think that the protecters should have another way to express thier feeling such as parading.Since Olympic Game symbolizes peace, those things done by the protecters were go against peace. I think they should think twice before their actions.4 月 19 日 manki撰寫: monkey 6AI think that the Olympic Games in Beijing this year has too much retards. I feel extremely disappointed on it. It is because Olympic Games is so rare, moreover it is our glory. So I think we must respect this Olympic Games. Additionally, the people who againts this games is so stupid because their behaviour are too aggressive.4 月 17 日 Train撰寫: TrainBeijing Olympics is an important event in the world, especially in China. It is the first time even the last time for China to held Olympics during this century. We wish to have a successful and unforgettable Olympics. Sports and politics must be separated. We are ready to welcome Beijing Olympics.4 月 17 日 Sun Pui Ching 撰寫: I proud to this event.I hope that we will have a successful Olympic.4 月 17 日 hosin kei撰寫: Vamessa 6AI think The Olympic should not mix with the political issue. Actually, I don\’t agree the way people who support the independence of Tibet to express their discontent. I hope The Olympic can be held successfully.4 月 17 日 Ka Ching撰寫: Athletes pass the Olympic torch in the aim of passing the message of peace to people all over the worldbut such behavios of the protesters is not the spirit of Olympic Games4 月 16 日 AUYEUNGhiu tung撰寫: 6A Oxygen AU YEUNGI am agree with Helen opinion,but I dont agree with the acts that the protestors done.I think that they cant link the Olympic games and the politics together to against China.Some of the countries default to join the open ceremony of Olymipic are so naive. Also, because of the violent actionof the protestors, the significance of Olympic flame and Olympic games had lost.4 月 15 日 davy撰寫: I don\’t agree with the way that the protestors expressed their discontent , trying to extinguish the iconic Olympic flame and bring the Olympic torch relay to a halt. They were too violent and I definitely won\’t support this radical demonstration. By the way, I am glad to hear that the relay ran smoothly in east Africa in the past few days.6B Davy4 月 15 日 candy 6B 撰寫: I totally agree with your points of Olympic torch relay. Actually the protesters can express their view of Tibet by conducting demostration peacefully. However, some of them attempted to put the iconic fire off. 4 月 15 日 Zoe 撰寫: The purpose of holding Olympic games is to give people a peacful message.It should not involve any political element.In this news the protesters grabbed the Olympic torch to show their demand,I think they should not do so because in the Olympic we should focus on the sport competition but not only the host country.We should not boycott or destory the Olympic just because we don\’t like China.4 月 15 日


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