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A real-life spiderman, Frenchman Alain Robert climbed up the Four Seasons hotel in Central by using his bare hands on Tuesday at 2:00p.m.He explained that he made the climb to promote awareness about global warming. Four Seasons hotel is not going to take legal action against him.

In my opinion, I think the behavior of the spiderman is strange and difficult to understand. He climbed up the tall buildings but no one can understand his motive. Also it is dangerous for him to climb up a tall building with only bare hands. No one knows when the accident

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    文撰寫: It is too dangerous to climb up a building.But i think here are many ways to promote the awareness of global warning.4 月 23 日 6B Cyrus 撰寫: I agree with your point.I dont understand why the spiderman do such a dangerous action to promote awareness about global warming.There may have another ways to achieve this aim.4 月 22 日 Ivan Kwok 撰寫: I think his action is crazy. I don\’t think his action can help gobal warming. There are many ways to have this effect but not using this dangerous way.4 月 22 日 CHI HO撰寫: This action is very crazy.I agree with Dick,this action is difficult to understand.How the public get the massage that he wants to show?4 月 22 日 6b 6 撰寫: I think this action is very dangerous.And he want to tell all the people in the world should know tmore about he seriousness of global warming.4 月 22 日 Pong 撰寫: Although it is dangerous for him to climb the hotel, this action can attract our attention effectively.Thus, I think people should concern more the environment rather than just feel interesting for his action.4 月 21 日 MR. BLACK =] 撰寫: Obviously, Frenchman Alain Robert is very brave and he has an ambition to want all the people to aware about the importance of environmental protection. In recent years, people have started to concern the problems from destroying the environment and taken a series actions to try to protect the environment. This is happy to see people who are trying to take protection. 4 月 21 日 Zoe 撰寫: Frenchman Alain Robert climbed up the Four Seasons hotel in Central by using his bare hands is a kind of Performance Art.He wanted to tell the world to conder the problem of global warming and express his discontentment.I think his idea is good and meaningful but it is too dangerous and it will affect the other people.He should use another way to get people attention.4 月 21 日 Nick 撰寫: Definitely, the way he had chosen to express the message of global warming is very dangerous. But, we can’t ignore the importance of helping to reduce the speed of the global warming as this relates to the existence of human.4 月 21 日 cheungwoon man撰寫: There are lots of freakish guys in the world.Some would like to jump form the sky for challenging themselves,some would like to climb up the buildings with bare hands just like this guy. For me,I definitely admire him.There are not much people can procure their fond dream but he does.Nevertheless,I hope that he can use more safety equipments in behalf of the next challenges.4 月 21 日 Wilson Tsoi 撰寫: Obviously, this guy has done something dangerous. Some even said that he was foolish. However, the reason why he climbed up the Four Seasons Hotel is that he wants to awaken others to the global warming.Therefore, he should not be blamed or charged for what he had done4 月 21 日 Jason Wong 撰寫: Similarly, I think his behavior is very dangerous.Maybe his action drew anyone attention, but I am question that is any people become aware since his behavior.4 月 21 日 Sam撰寫: It is very dangerous for him to climb the hotel. There are countless ways to let people know the seriousness of global warming.In my opinion, he is very foolish.4 月 19 日 TRACY IP 撰寫: i think he is brave but i don\’t know why he did it. Althought he want to promote the awareness about global warming but why he use this method?maybe he want to be a popular person and draw others attentions.OH..he did it!4 月 17 日 lineson 6A 14 撰寫: I think the behavior of the spiderman is very funny, but he also very childish . I think he want to attract people\’ s attention. Maybe he just want to be a celebrity!!but he ues a wrong way . 4 月 17 日 Zona from 6A 撰寫: Generally , this action would cause some individuals panic ,but i think it could brings up the public awareness towards the problem of global warming . This extreme action although is every danger , it has featured in most of the big cities and highlighted in the news and people who read this piece of news should know about his aim . Before blaming his action is stupid and without motives , think about he is scrafying his life just to urge us to save\’ our\’ world .4 月 17 日 Lala 6A 撰寫: I agree with your opinion.It can\’t explain why the \’spiderman\’ taking this dangerous action.He is so brave!Although it\’s funny to me,I hope that it will not happen again.4 月 17 日 Oxygen 撰寫: I read this news on the interenet too.I am suprise of hie crazy behavior.I dont understand why him climbed up to the tall builday in HK~He was so strange!!!!!!! 4 月 17 日 Man Man 撰寫: I also think that his behaviour very dangerous and difficult to do . So dangerous is that i think that i cannot do so that as we should have more much courage to so .4 月 17 日 阿虹撰寫: christinaI think there are other ways that can promote the awareness about global warming but not to climb up a tall building. It is very dangerous to do that . I think the Four Seasons hotel should stop his behaviour and take legal action to let him know it is dangerous to climb up a building..4 月 17 日


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