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Chun Kit Chow 6B

The government is planning to donate HK$300-million to help victims of the earthquake on the mainland. The Finance Committee will hold a special meeting tomorrow morning to discuss the funding request. A team made up of firemen and health personnel that will be sent to the devastated area. The Immigration Department says it’s received 44 requests for assistance from local residents asking for information about their relatives in Sichuan. And so far, some 13 have managed to contact relatives.  However one woman was reported injured in the quake but is in stable condition. A representative from the Hong Kong government’s office in Beijing has gone to the hospital in Chengdu to offer assistance. Dragonair cancelled one flight from Chengdu to Hong Kong this morning, while one in the opposite direction has been postponed until tomorrow. Since yesterday, some 640 passengers have been affected by flight disruptions. The airline has special arrangements in place to enable passengers to alter their travel plans to and from Chengdu. And, it will waive all re-booking and re-routing charges for tickets issued before May 12. But passengers must complete their rearranged flights on or before Thursday. Cathay Pacific also had to delay one London-bound flight which would have flown over Sichuan, and as a result cancelled two other long-haul flights.

I agree that the Hong Kong Government help the victims on the mainland. We are also the Chinese and should help them by money and the term. And also, the Government showed Hong Kong is a part of China but the Hong Kong airline’s compamies stopped the flight between the Chengdu and Hong Kong. They should not stopped it because many people want to go there to help the victims. At last . I hoped the earthquake should not break the family relationship and rebuild the family faster.

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