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Sam 6B(8)

Summary: The fast-rising food prices push Hong Kong inflation rate to 5.3 per cent which is the highest among 10 years. The soaring food price is attributed to the global food inflation. Subjected to the impact of increasing food prices, fuel prices, private housing rents, these kinds of basic supplements in modern society also increase. According to the Associated Professor of Economics and Finance at City University, Dr Charles, the surge will continue in the second quarter.

Comment: In my opinion, the fast-rising food prices has sky-rocketed. Citizens become innocent victims. It is difficult for low income families to cope with the pressure of soaring food prices. Thus, the government should deal with the issue work with professionals and cooperate with mainland China or even different countries to overcome the big hurdle.

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Jason Wong 撰寫: Not only grassroots suffer from aggressive inflation, but also all in world wide are suffer from that. Absolutely, grassroots are the first to be affected. However, in this aggressive inflation, a lot of employees are affected, as their pay rise rate cannot reach the Hong Kong inflation rate. This problem have been already affected all of us, I urge that the government do something to deal with this problem.5 月 3 日 Helen Lau 撰寫: The prices of food have rised very fast these months.For example,the prices of eggs and frozen meat increased by nearly one-fifth. I think the grassroots have difficulties to afford such fast-rising food prices.As the prices of foods will keep increaing,the government should think of some policies and help the grassroots so as to solve the problem.4 月 29 日 davy 撰寫: All of us are suffered from the aggressive inflation in recent months. The prices of necessities, like rice, pork, vegetables, have rised tremendously. It has imposed a heavy burden on the grassroots. Their lives have become harsher and more difficult. I agree that the government should do something to tackle the problem.4 月 28 日


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