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There was a train collision in Shandong province. It killed at least 70 and injured 420 passengers. It is a high-speeded train which travelled  at 131 km/h  and far above normal speed, it has jumped out its track. Most of passenger were asleep.

At the time of collision, They suddenly felt the train was like a roller
coaster, topple 90 dregrees to one side. It is so horrible.

I can`t imagine that it is happened for most of us think the safest transportation is train. Although after the disaster, it was blamed to be a human error, but I can’t accept this because there are too many life are hold in the hand of the driver.

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  1. JCCSS 說道:

    CANDY LI 撰寫: It is a big catastrophe over the recent decade. The main cause of this disaster is that the train driver was overspeed. If this human error be ignored the catastrophe will occur again. So that the china authority should consider to add much more punishment to overspeeded drivers to prevent such traffic accidents.5 月 4 日 MR.11 @ THOMAS 撰寫: In my opinion, this is a great disaster. Once I have seen this article, I was astonished. I agree that train should be the safest transportation in China nevertheless there is such a acute accident. I cannot say if this is caused by human error, but I think speeding should be the most likely account of this incident. I feel really sorry about this accident.5 月 4 日 Jason Wong 撰寫: No matter it is caused by human error or otherwise, the head of train crew drive is responsible to this accident.Maybe I am the minority, I don\’t agree that the safest transport in China is train. After this accidents, I believe in this firmly.5 月 3 日 Caspar Lau 撰寫: It may not caused by the human error. How can a head of train crew drive the car so reckless in that day? He is not a train driver with little experience.In my opinion, the possibility of the systematic error are higher than the human error in this accident.5 月 2 日 阿虹撰寫: i agree lam choi man \’s idea.I feel sad after i heard this piece of news. Many people died in this accident.Many people think that the safest transport is train .I agree about that .Besides, it is very convenient and comfortable.I hope this kind of accident will not happen again.5 月 2 日


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