Negative equity soars

Negative equity soars
Wong Kwan Hung
Recently, many economic problems appear in many countries. Every country is thinking of some ways to solve these problems but it is useless for them to solve the problem. It makes people losing their job or money. It appears not only in HK and China but also all over the world and the most serious is the US. In HK, many people’s property is less than last year and their properties lost about a double number than last year. So, I hope that the economy will be better by year and year. 

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One Response to Negative equity soars

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    吳世熙(離線)撰寫: the economic problems is influencing everyone and developing to the bad but there is no times for us to scary it is a high tome to find out the ideas of survive NG SAI HEI2 月 19 日 HungCheuk Lam撰寫: The Financial suituation is really bad now. I hope it can be improved by some measures planed by Obama2 月 19 日 maki撰寫: I also hope that the economy can get better but I think that the first to do about the economic problems is not thinking how to solve the problems. The first thing we need to do about the economic problems is to think positively and optimistically because I think that If you think positively and optimistically, It can brings you good luck and let you do anything better. 2 月 19 日 laiwai shun撰寫: Chan Hang Wai 4AI Think that many economic problems in this year.we should face to it positive and we should know our road.Thuswe should be more hard-working and pust ourselves.2 月 19 日


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