Negative equity soar

Negative equity soar 
Sin Ho Pui
The number of Hong Kong homeworkers in negative equity quadrupled to nearly 11,000 in the last quarter of 2008 as the financial crisis took its toll on property prices. I think that this crisis is very difficult to solve. It is because I think that this crisis happened in The United of America. Also, many Hong Kong homeworkers think that it hurt them very much. It is because they lose much money in it. And, the financial crisis affects the buildings, price. But, I think that the Hong Kong government should help the homeworkers. It is because the government has the responsibility to solve this crisis. So, I think that the government is very useful in it.
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One Response to Negative equity soar

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    谭嘉仪撰寫: Hong kong has a serious problem,which is disparity between the rich and very serious.Therefor government should help the poor people to change their lives.It\’s because of fact that the poor family poverty lead to the next generation of even poorer.So government should save the people in misery.2 月 22 日 lukhoi man撰寫: I agree with you as the tsunami of economic is very serious which is affect many workers. They became nggative equity. At that moment, government should help worker. Since if government don\’t help worker, the problem about the tsunami of economic will be serious. If the problem don\’t solve, many worker will lose their job. Therefore, government is very significant at that moment.2 月 19 日 Cheun撰寫: I agree with you since this is very serious disaster in the world. Many countries ‘s government help their homeworkers. If Hong Kong government do not have a perfect strategies to solve the problem, many workers will be desperate for help. Thus, it is necessary for Hong Kong government to handle it.2 月 19 日 laiwai shun撰寫: I argee with you. The government is very important now. It is because if the homeworkers don\’t get the help which gave by government, they will solve the problems harder by themselve.2 月 17 日


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