Nation Hails Returning Heroes

Nation Hails Returning Heroes

Sherry Wong Suk Yee


The news tell of three astronauts of China returned on Sunday 28 September.  Furthermore, one of the members completed first spacewalk of our country during their 68-hour Shenzhou VII mission.  These are proud of our motherland. 

At 25 September night, I sat in front of the TV.  Why?  Owing to the fact that I was waiting for the blast-off of Rocket.  While the Rocket was rising, I felt extremely thrilled at the same time.  Many people clapped their hands since the Rocket blasting off successfully.  I really feel proud of our motherland.  I remember that when I was in primary 5, China’s first astronaut was birthed who was Yang Liwei .  At that time, all of us were sitting in our classroom and looked at the screen. After the Rocket was rised , we  were very happy as it was novel for us to know that news.

Now, this mission of China was proved again that our motherland is going ahead in technology. Moreover, many countries also received congratulations us leaders of South Korea, Laos, Sudan etc. These make Chinese people are very inspirable.

Eventually, I wish that Chinese people must stand up and go ahead constantly.  I believe that China must be powerful in the future.

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One Response to Nation Hails Returning Heroes

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    TANGKENGMAN 撰寫: Although this event was pasted approach a month, i still remenber the details of it. First , i feel very proud of this successfulresult.And all people worth be cheerful about three astronauts completed first spacewalk of our country which was lucky that i could watch the procedures onTV10 月 22 日 chan hang wai 撰寫: It\’s definite that I feel extremely honorable since china has high technology to complete the spacewalk.It is joyful for us to see this large create.Before 50 years ago,china, which is poverty,don\’t possess any of space.ThereforeIt is a great achievement for china that it is a great success. 10 月 19 日 Lau Tik 撰寫: I was very pround of our returning heroes . When I was young, my dream is become a astronaut since it is canyoning for me . 10 月 9 日 chan yat hung 撰寫: I am proud of that i am a chese.Afher the Olympic game, Chian did a new thing. It is Shenzhou Vll came back to enrth successfully. This is a great new for all the China\’s notional. I think this is a strat for the success ful future of China 10 月 9 日 chow hoi wai 撰寫: Yes, you are right. Shenzhou Vll mission is a great success of China and the chese national.Also, this is a demonstration that China has already cecome a powerful country in theoworld. Finally, I hope China can keep to have some space mission.10 月 9 日 michellechan撰寫: I also feel very proud of this .This time is our first time that have astronaut walking on the moon and it is verry successful . After the Bei Jing Olympic game , this time is another joyful enent which happened in china . I think that more good luck wil come to china in the future.10 月 9 日


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