Musical youth

Musical youth
Tusi Yuk Hing

I have just read an article from the South China Morning Post. The article is talking about musical youth.
Last week, students at King George V School had a concert in lunchtime. The KGV art teacher who thought of this idea said that he wanted students to realise the commercial value of art and how it can lead to a professional career. The students said that when they hold the first performance, they were really scared. But after the performance, they always receive positive feedback, gives them a real confidence. Therefore, they will not be afraid in the performance again.

I think this idea is creative. Students can use lunchtime to hold a concert and everyone who are interested also can join it. It can give an opportunity to the music player to show off and the performers can gain a lot of experience. And it is a chance for students to enhance their confidence. Also, it gives time to students to relax.

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One Response to Musical youth

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Bryan Mak Chung Pan 撰寫: About holding the concert at the lunch time is a creative thing.From my perspective, it is a wonderful thing in singing or playing the music at school.Firstly,it can let the potential students showing off its talent.Secondly,it can let the students release their pressure.Thirdly,it can let the students to find their interests.Finally,the students can listen the music during the lunchtime.That school has thought the students what they want.The students can said what they think. This relationship is very good.I think that the school should build this relationship.11 月 13 日 Lunny 撰寫: Well, it is a seldom chance for the students who want to show their talent. Of course, it is good for students to increase thier confidence. Haha, but it is not good for me to have a performance for public. This method cannot increase my confidence, it makes me feel more nervous only, even if I hold the show many times. Music can let people to relax. So I just want to be an audience, this is the best method for me. 11 月 9 日 Theresa Chan 撰寫: It\’s true that there are not much opportunities for Hong Kong\’s students to show off their talents, so to have a concert at school would be a great idea. Students can work out their music with a low costand in a well known condition. It can not only give a chance for them have a concert , also a chance to make their dreams come true. Not much teenagers have the courage to join those inter-school contest, giving a chance to them to have a show at school can help them to build their confidence and give them some experience. If our school can do the same thing, I think it must be a great thing.11 月 5 日 teleponeAesculapius撰寫: I support this article since the idea mentioned in it is really excellent. Music in Hong Kong is not as popular as other countries in the world, it is sad though. But i would like to be one of the musician who promoting music because music is a language that connect everybody without any boundaries of races, countries, etc. What i want to express, is that music is not only a method of relaxation, but a message to people around the world. Any activity which is promoting music, contribute a force to gather people and motivate people to think. And I believe that music can bring us a more peaceful world which without wars.11 月 5 日 NICOLE TAM撰寫: Yes.It is possible to provide an opportunity for student to relax.Actully,students should spend more time on other leisure activities instead of studying,especially students in Hong Kong.Half-hour music lesson is not enough for student to develop their interests.If the idea is advocated by schools , students will gain lots of advantages as you have mentioned.Although it is a creative idea , it may not a workable or practical one.For those dynamic students may not get ready to concentrate on their coming lesson after having a fantasic is easy to imagine that how crazed football fans are after watching an exciting match.In such a case,i better suggest the music performance is held after school,isn\’t it? 11 月 5 日


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