Hung Cheuk Lam
  What kinds of music do you like? Which singers or songs do you like? I believe that everyone likes listening to music.
There are lots of genres of music such as rock , blues , or pop and so on. Maybe you are only intersted in some genres of music but , certainly , it is a global language because you will get something by music or it will affect your emotion.
  I like rock music actually because I can release my pressure by that. Apart form that , the theme of rock songs is very innovative. Those can’t be found form the songs in Honk Kong. Maybe oriental people are close-minded about that but I can accept it completely.
  Besides, I think music can affect one emotion. For example , blues can make you feel cozy . Rock can make you excited . Love songs are touching and so on. Actuallly , even if you dont know or possess a language , yon can feel the song or can get the expression of the song because of the melody.
  Apart form that , lyric is also essential due to the expression of the song. If you listen to a song without lyric , you may feel the feeling of the song . But , you can’t get the any details about the song. Lyric can express lots of things.
  Eventually, I will continue listening to a variety of songs in hope of widening my horizon.
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One Response to Music

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    maki撰寫: YES~ You are right. And I love to listen to music too since music can let me to get away form this world. It give me a space to imagine a lot. sometime I like to sing song to relax myself and bring happiness to the others. I would invite them to sing with me even they are happy or unhappy. I also agree that music is a global language. you can make friend with the whole world though music. For example, if you like hip hop, you can make friend with a person who also like hip hop and speak in a different language . That\’s the benefit of music. 3 月 14 日 ChanWai Chiu撰寫: I like some Rock,HipHop and Rap music. I think these music can express our feeling. I think rap music can express my feeling strongly. That\’s why I love rap especially. And whan I listen these songs, I can do anything with the rhythm of the song like walking, running. I think that\’s why these music so popular. When I listen the music that sang by 3 OH! 3. I think they were so great that they mix rap and rock in a song. So I admire them. 3 月 12 日 3A-24撰寫: music is a inexpressible way for us to communicate listen to different kinds of music we can get different emotion i consider that a good music can touch people and express "what are you feeling in the deep of your heart " no matter the music include Lyric or does not includealso music is not about any boundary which has been deleted when the music started to play NG SAI HEI3 月 12 日 LauAllen(離線)撰寫: I like the Rock music most. But I also listen to lyrics\’ song. I think that he has a romantic voice because of the emotions on the song. It was immensely touching. The reason why I love the Rock music. It is because the ring of listening to rock music is very high. It make you to be more powerful. When you are playing with a cowd of friends with listening to rock music, you will have the highest feeling. 3 月 11 日 tongyan yi撰寫: yes, you are right . l am also interested in rock music as it not only can express my emotion but also can throw away my pressure . therefore , my favourite singer who is a rock band , called Linkin Park . nowadays many people will release their emotion by listening to music as they have many heavy burden beacause of job or parent expectation . therefore, they love listening to music so that they can burst out their pressure.3 月 11 日


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