This text is about Music.The writer thought that music can break the boundaries of human language.I absolutely agree with him.People also can feel moved by the deep emotions of music,for example,the classical music.When you think of classical music,you will say that it is very boring,just a very old music played by a big orchestra with an old guy in a black suit waving a stick in front.You may be right.But this is just a little part of it. 

    Classical music not only can be played by a big orchestra, but also can be played by a single singer. Classical music can express an idea, explore a theme, a let out emotion. Let listeners lose themselves into the music.Make them think about it.

    There are many benefits of listening to music.Firstly,music has been shown to be a great stress reliever by calming the body and the mind.Listening to the music in your daily life can lower blood pressure and relax yourselves.Secondly,you can learn more languages through listening to the songs,since you can often learn a lot of phrases and sentence patterns that you will not be able to learn from your textbooks.Thirdly,you can know different culture through listening to different countries’ songs.

    To sum up, music is good for us ,both physically and mentally.We should listen more songs in our daily life.

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One Response to MUSIC

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    KC(離線)撰寫: yiu ka chun 4b 36i\’m also argee with you since i think that the music is connect with all the world,what ever you are working or is because the invention of the mp3.the greatest invention in the world,it made people can listen to music any time any also can make people feel relaxing.nowadays we also can listen to music in the internet easily.finally,music this stuff already become a must in the earth.3 月 12 日 LiNgWonG撰寫: You are right. When I was in bad mood, I will try to listen the music. It is obvious that listening the classical music can relax my mind. Actually, I will try my best listen the English music since this language is international of language in the world. So, I think that listen different languages of music are good for us.Also, if the students can listen more music, I think it can improve their English grammer mistakes.3 月 11 日 NeverCanSeeYou撰寫: I think that none do not like music. It is because it can make us to relax . Nothing can be good then music.When I am doing my homework ,I also open the MP3 player in computer. Also , when I am bored , it will kill my time. So , music is very good.3 月 11 日 long ching撰寫: I love music very much. It can make me relax when I feel stressed.I can forget something that make me unhappy through listening to music.Besides,we can find the song easily through the Internet.So,it is quite easy for us to relax.Another funtion about music is that we can kill the time. When we feel bored, we can play the music.All in all, I love music very much.3 月 10 日 laujames撰寫: JAMES LAU :I absolutely agree with you ,it is because i my also learn the classic music . I learn violin many years so, I used to listen and play it very often. Also i think that music is a language that every people can hear it and understand it . For exemple, every know the X\’mas song. It is undoubtedly that music can make people relaxed and happy. 3 月 10 日 Ho Pui撰寫: I agree with you. I think that listening to the music in my daily life can lower blood pressure and relax ourselves. However, I think that music can make me relaxed. It is because listening to music is a very comfortable thing for us. I think that all people like listening to music since it i very excellent. So, I agree with you.3 月 10 日 jcctm 4D35 wong kwan hung撰寫: I totally agree with you because we can listen to musin not only in classic but also in modern. In addition, i think that music is our good friend. When we feel unhappy or upset, we can listen to music for relaxing our mood. So, i think that all poeple like listening to music since it is excellent.3 月 10 日


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