Love For Your Parents

Love For Your Parents

Lam Long Ching
This is a text which was written by a form two student. He thought that we always did things to oppose our parents. Nevertheless, we should relish their love. This is the attitude that we deal with our parents. We should respect them since they care about us every moment. In fact, if we want to express our love, we do not need to say something which is embarrassing. We only need to work hard and try our best . Then, they will be satisfied. Therefore, we should study at university to repay them. This is very necessary. So, I expect that all of you can make your parent to be satisfied.
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One Response to Love For Your Parents

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    4B17Leo撰寫: I agree with you. As our parents spend lots of time and money on us, we must repay them. They always take care of us every day, every hour, every second. So, finding a good job in the future is the best way to repay our parents. 3 月 8 日 敏智撰寫: tam MAN chi 4B 25 :I agree with you. It is because they spend a lot of money and time on me. They also take care me when I get sick. So we should get higher marks to make them happy. And we should study at university to repay them. And that is what I think.2 月 27 日 laujames撰寫: TANG KENG MAN:Your parents wish you to get the higer grade in the examination. Therefore, the best persent for them is that you do well and have great performance. Maybe you are disatisfied with their expectation .Maybe you feel great stress . But, the hope that you will be a successful person in the life. Also, you should respect their feelings.2 月 26 日 laiwai shun撰寫: I absolutely agree with you.Since parents are persons who are loving and kind,and often they know what you have on your mind. They are someone who listen,suggest,and defend to you.They are proud of our triumphs.But when things go wrong,parents can be patient and helpful and strong.So,we should respect them ,repay them.Tam Ka Ho 4D 302 月 26 日 NgKei Kit撰寫: L agree with you. It is becase I think that parents are very important and they care us all the time. Also, when we feel unhappy, our parents will support us. In addition, when we have any problem, parents help us to solve the problem. Thus, I think thatparents are inportant for our life2 月 26 日 YICHIng撰寫: I agree with you.I think that parents are very important for us.Now,we can have happy life because of them.When we feel upset,they will support us.When we have problems , they will help us to solve problems.They help us a lot.So,we should do something to repay ,for example we should study hard that we can get good marks.I think that this is a kind of thing which repay our parents.Therefore,I think that parents are very important for our life.2 月 25 日 Yee Lin撰寫: Yes, you are right. We don\’t need to say and do something which is embarrassing to tell our love. We just work hard and try our best. Then, they can receive our appreciation. Even you can,\’t study at university but you still try your best. I think your parents will also know you since you are the most important people in their life. Then, what about you??2 月 25 日 ChanWai Chiu撰寫: I agree with you. We should do our best to make our parent to be satisfied. Now we should study hard to make our parent happy. But I don\’t agree we should study at university to repay them. I think if we can develop our special skill. I think this can repay them too.2 月 25 日 laiwai shun撰寫: chan Hang Wai 4A 03certainly,I think that parents are extremely important for us . because when I need help,they will give me the support.Also,parents are very relyable,we can believe every moment.If we face the difficult,they will help me immediately.In addition , when we have some emotion problems, we can find them,because of that fact that they are my parent,the will help me every moment.2 月 25 日 laujames撰寫: I agree with you.Parents provide everything for you for your growth and education.Our parent are always worried about our heath , so we can\’t make our parents feel unhappy . Every when we did a wrong things ,they could forgive our wrong.We should respect them everytime .When you and them have some argument ,please calm down and listen your parents feelings.2 月 25 日 TANGCHUNKIT(離線)撰寫: I agree with you. I think love our parents is our responsibility and we must do it ! Although we tell our parents that we love them we will be embarrassed, you can use the other way to replace it. For example, we can study well in our school, We can cook a dinner to them and help them to do some home work. Then they will feel your love.2 月 25 日 lukhoi man撰寫: I agree with you. Parents are our closely people. They take care us everyday. They are very hard. Thus, we should studies hard that we can\’t make parents disappointed. In addition, we should take care them when they became elderly. As they became elderly, we are their sons and daughters. We should be responsibily to take care them.2 月 25 日 Anwar撰寫: i agree with you because i also think that parent are always take care of us abd they also to encourage us when we have exam and they also will do some funny thing to make us to delighted, so i think that we also need to make our parent happy and we also need to study hard to repay them. i think that our parent are always worried about us so i think we can always talk with our parent because they sometime don\’t know we are happy or unhappy, and we also can express our feel with our parent. 2 月 25 日 ToKa Ho撰寫: I agree with you. Nowaday, many student have a bad attitude to their parents.But , i think that parents are so great . they will hope that you are happy.Also,we should respect to parents.because parents care you everytime.if we do better in the school,parents will be happy and they will be satisfied.2 月 25 日 tongyan yi撰寫: l feel the same feeling with you . parents are the most closely people who will always take care of you no matter what happen . No matter you fail the exams or hurt by something , they will stand by your side .therefore l have to do my best that l can have a great performance so that l can requite my parents expectation .also , l think that our love can not be limit of exams as we can express our love in differeny ways . 2 月 25 日 Sin Ho Pui撰寫: I agree with you. I think that we should repay our parents. It is because I think that they care us every day. Also, I think that we should do our best every day.It is because they hope that we can study at university. So, I think that we should make them happy.(Sin Ho Pui) 2 月 25 日 michellechan撰寫: I absolutely agree with you.Parents are someboby who whenever you can depend on. They will worry about their childen every time. No matter they are rich or not, they still give the best thing to their children. In the future, before you argue with your parents , please control your emotion first as the argument will destroy the relationship between you and your parents as well as they will be upset. 2 月 25 日 Shuk Yee撰寫: You are right. Nowadays, many teenagers are not willing to spend the time to keep with their parents. They would rather play with their friends, waste the time for playing computer games, spend the time for calling with friends etc. Consequently, it is so serious that the teenagers have these kinds of different problem since that will make them leave their parents every moment. Therefore, how can they make their parent be satisfied. 2 月 25 日


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