Lehman Brothers

Lehman Brothers

Chan Hang Wai


The newspaper I want to introduce is about Investors say bond sale used trickery. Lehman Brother ,which was closed recently, affected many people. Many of the people bought the Lehman brother bond hence they lost much money on this way. Because of the fact that when the bank sells the Lehman brother bond, they trick their client. The bank said that the bond is extremely safe. It is crystal clear that many people buy it lend to they lose much money. Such as Yiu, who losses HK$10 million Originally, they want to earn more money form this way, but now what is their result? It is not difficult to understand that why the people, who bought the bond, go to the street to protest. I hope that the banker should be more truthfulness and don’t be a lair. In addition, people can be more dispassionate also they should positively face the problem. And make a good start again.

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