Lau Tik

Lau Tik

Today , I am going to talk about the Ting Tings . It is a band that they play music . I love listening to music very much because it can reduce my pressure . After that I will feel relaxed . Also I had listened of this band and I think that it was a good band too as they are very high of feeling in the show . They show their talent in every concert . I love it very much because nowadays the real skillful person of singer has not enough . So I think they are skillful and I appreciate skillful person too .

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One Response to Lau Tik

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    cho yiu 4D 21撰寫: That was great because I love listening to music . I love listening to Rock Music too as it was very high as you said . Although I didn\’t listen to their music before , I was interested in them . It is because they are so cool that they play guitar and the other musical instruments . When I was a kid , I wanted to be a Pop singer . 2 月 26 日 maki撰寫: Yeah~!! I also love listening to music since listening to music not only entertain me but also make me feel relax. The Ting Tings actually is a very good band and I like it very much. Every time when I liseten to their song . It always makes me blissful that\’s why I love this band. 2 月 26 日 jcctm 4D35 wong kwan hung撰寫: I agree with very much. Nowadays, if we want to reduce stress, listening to music must be a good choice for us and teenagers. In addition, when we listen to music, we will appreciate the lyrics and the melody. Last, people will be singer or dj. So, music is a multiple media. We should support it in the future since it may be affected our life.2 月 25 日 HungCheuk Lam撰寫: Oh! I\’m really same as you. The genre that The Ting Tings plays is punk rock actually.I\’d like punk rock. Maybe someone would think punk is just formed by someone who is cosmetic crazily or someone mad. In fact , it\’s really not. The Songs of punk express their feeling about policy or friend and so on. If you listen more punk songs , you will find that the lyrics are really meaningful.The themes of lyric are also extended. So, Let try to listen ROCK MUSIC2 月 25 日 laiwai shun撰寫: Although I did not listen their song, I still argee with you. I thing that listening music is the best way to reduce pressure since when I was listening music, I will feel very relax. At that moment, I did not feel any pressure on me which come from my parents and schoolwork.2 月 25 日 NeverCanSeeYou撰寫: I agree to your point of view. Before reading this newspaper, I did not know any about Ting Tings. However, I think that I have listened to them when i download their songs. I listened them when I turned on the TV and changed to J2. There was a show about music. It was great.2 月 25 日


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