Jobless Rate

Jobless Rate

Wong Ka Hing, Tom 6B


I have just read a news about the continuously enhancement of jobless rate. The government warned that more and more businesses would fall victim to the global financial turmoil because of the worsening unemployment; however, some economists said, it is only a start of a vicious cycle, it signified that the jobless rate will rises rapidly in the coming year.

I think the jobless rate is only a bad effect that directly reflects the economic crisis in the entire world, included Hong Kong. Not only the jobless people are the victims of the global economic crisis, but also all the HongKongers. Under this economic condition, the prices of everything are peak; however, their pitiful salary are not enhance in the mean time. It is beyond dispute that the companies are also affected by the global financial turmoil; nevertheless, the influence on them is relatively small; therefore, I think the big companies should bear the responsibility to low down their employers’ life stress, and to tide over this economic crisis together.

In short, I think the effects and also the side effects of this global financial turmoil have already spread in numerous territories and cause a lot of severe problems, hope this windstorm will far away from us in the foreseeable future.

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One Response to Jobless Rate

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Taotao撰寫: In fact,I don\’t know much about the influence of this windstorm,however,there are many Hongkongers loss their job and money and request their boss and the Hong Kong Government to pay for them,they think the cause of this windstorm is their flaut.What a naive behavior!I can\’t stand with watching this kind of news every morning anymore.Wish all of us can overcome this disaster.11 月 30 日 kevin leung 撰寫: As the Hong Kong Government said, the economics state will be worse and worse. That mean people need to pay more attention to the crisis.It is no doubt that nobody likes to see the rising unemployment rate,but I am afraid more citizens will lose their jobs. It must be unfortunately that people will suffer the pity like the one in 1997. In my opinion, we should consider how to overcome the financial tsunami,it is not the time to grumble how poor they are.Personally, citizens ought to stop their investment temporarily to keep more cash in their hand in order to overcome the coming crisis. It is definitely that the result of greedy must be poverty, the thought of investing at the low price is surely wrong now. In the other hand, the government should keep the tax rate unchanged despite the financial deficits. The financial tsunami cannot be solved unless the government and citizens cooperate well.Lastly,hope the economics can be recovered as soon as possible11 月 1 日 陳凈琳撰寫: It is a fact that the global financial turmoil has affected people in Hong Kong, and also people all over the world. The unemployment rate increases every month and it is predicted it will continue to grow in the following months or even years. There will be a difficult period in the coming future. This is only the start.Next, I would like to talk about the consumer price index (CPI). You said that the price of everything is at the peak. However, in my opinion, if the oil price falls, the CPI would also decrease. It is because the oil price has a great impact on goods. Also, at this economic condition, in order to increase competitiveness, shop owner would lower the price of their goods to attract more customers. Therefore, The CPI would diminish.Moreover, I do not agree that companies have to raise the salaries as they are also greatly affected by the global financial turmoil.10 月 30 日 NICOLE TAM 撰寫: Are the details copy from the TV news or newspaper? I think you have done a great job,as i can learn some vocabularies and phrases from your is useful for the coming writing when it talks about social problems. Yet,one thing should be suggested is you may express more about your feeling and the suggestions in solving the problems in next time. I look forward to your improving.10 月 27 日


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