High School Muscial

High School Muscial
Tang Chun Kit

This is a movie, High School Musical 3. I heard High School Musical this year from my shoolmate. The main character is Tory and Gabriella. Troy is a basketball star in high school and the other main character,Gabriella,is a msth genius. It is very famous in the would. They have many fans. They sing many songs such as breaking free, which is great. The movie (High School Musical 3) , will show on 24 october 2008, friday. I think it is great. Thus, I will watch the film after this friday. I hope that have people can accompany me !!

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One Response to High School Muscial

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Sarina撰寫: I love this movie and I really look forward to the installment three.I believe that this installment will be a perfect end.I have watched the first two installment and I really like the songs in them.For exanple,"Breaking Free" in installment one,I will sing it everytime when I visit a Karaoke.Also,I really like the main character Tory and Gabriella in the movie.4 月 2 日 TAM ka Yee 撰寫: I think this movie will interest for me .Because at the free time ,I will listen music or watch flim.Although I never watch before,but when Ihave time,I want to have a look.That is very suitable for tennagers,except students ,brcause this film mix love and sport.Hope at thattime you have a suitable partner with you !!12 月 1 日 CHAN HANG WAI 撰寫: I really think that this film is good since it is very interesting .I think that the main actor acts very well.Thus i watch the film again and again . I think that this film is amusing and entertaining.In addition I think the theme in this film is very up to date.The film is really close the america student\’s life so we will be attracted by the film.11 月 30 日 laiwai shun撰寫: I agree with you. I went to watch this film last week. I thing that the fil was very good since it not only the actor were good, ut also the song wre good too. I love the song very much.11 月 7 日 laiwai shun撰寫: I agree with you. I went to watch this film last week. I thing that the fil was very good since it not only the actor were good, ut also the song wre good too. I love the song very much.11 月 7 日 laujames撰寫: lau hoi ming I went to watch that film last week. The file is quiet entertaining and the story is very touch . not only the story is good but also the music to be appealing to the ear.11 月 6 日 tSANG YI CHING 撰寫: It is very good for this film.I extremely like this film very much. The song of this film can make me feel touch.Also,the voice of Gabriella is very sweet.She is very beautiful.Their dance make me feel happy.I hope my school will have the musical play.I think that it will become good memory for me.11 月 5 日 Long Ching撰寫: My friends watched it and they said that it was great.Althought there are many advertisements on \’Roadshow\’, I am not interested in that kinds of film.But I think the characters are all looking like.11 月 5 日 Ng Chui Ling 撰寫: I agree with you.High School Musical is really good a movie.I\’v watchede three instalments,and I think the third instalment is the best.I like Gabriella and Troy,and I think they are look suitable for each other.There\’s still one thing important about the movie.It\’s the music in the movie.And I like it very much,especially the one Troy and Gabriella singed together. 10 月 29 日 tong yan yi 撰寫: mm..l had already saw this movie with my friends on last saturday .l was so looking forward to see the film when l saw it on the advertisement. lt is a musical movie which is about singing and dancing. also, lt is a love story between Troy and Gabriella.10 月 27 日 Kwan In 撰寫: This film is very famous in worldwide. The series of High School Musical have shown teenagers holiday life and different relationships between each other with different pop songs which sing by the actors themselves. I still have no chance to watch it since it was published and I will definitly watch it if I am free.10 月 27 日 Tam ka ho 撰寫: I like music very much.The wonderful songs in the film are really amazing.From the film,I know that If you want to realize your dream,don\’t care what are the others say,just do the things you like, have the courage to challenge yourselves,then dream will be come ture.10 月 26 日 hoyibabi =3` 撰寫: I think that this film is quiet good. Why I would like this film? Since I not only like the music, but also think that this kinds of file looks like interesting.by`LiHoYi;10 月 25 日 cho yiu 4D 21撰寫: Although I don’t like listening music, I hear it from other people that it is very interesting. So, when my friend saw it, I had to ask him how interesting was.10 月 23 日 jcctm 4D35 wong kwan hung撰寫: I agree with you because I like music too. It is good for us to enjoy the music. They are so handsome and beautiful so I want to see it instantly. Unfortunately, i am so busy that i do not have time to see it.10 月 23 日



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