Good for the Environment

Good for the Environment



I have just read an article about the "green" exhibition which was held from 27th to 31st of October in AsiaWorld-Expo. The company sold their environmental products and services. Through the activity, the environmental awareness can be raised among Hong Kong people. The fair was divided into four sections – air quality, eco- friendly products, energy efficiency and waste and recycling. I think the air quality is the major problem in Hong Kong. The exhaust fumes released from the vehicles and the smoke produced from power stations pollute the air quality. The city’s Air Pollution Index remains high and the situation becomes more serious as more and more people wear masks on the streets. This also speed up the global warming. To improve air quality, we can take public transport but not private cars. I also agree with the writer’s view that harmful gas emission can be reduced by retrofitting equipment to become more energy efficient, and reducing overall electricity consumption and using clean fuel. Moreover, we can develop more renewable energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy. In our classroom, the air ducts accumulate plenty of bacteria. It is considerable that all the classrooms should install air-duct cleaners. When the ducts are cleaned, the bacteria count and respirable suspended particles will be lower and the air-conditioning will improve too.

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One Response to Good for the Environment

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Kenneth 撰寫: Tang Chun Shing 6B 26I pretty like your suggestions about the improvement of air pollution. And one more thing I want to point out that is about our classroom, the source of air pollution mainly caused by the dust which produced when we cleared the blackboard. After clearing the blackboard, I can see the dust particles flying in the air. It was very horrible. The dust particles may cause any respiratory system problems in our body and affect our health. So I agree with Samson to install a air clearer in our classroom. In Hong Kong, only a few of people conscious of the protection of our environment. Government should reinforce the education of eco-awareness to the student. 11 月 5 日 Taotao撰寫: Tao Yin Lam 6BWhat you say is in my favour.It\’s definitely that renewable energy sources are more environmentally-friendly,however,I think you should state how the sources are developed clearly.As we know,they can be widely used in our daily life,but they also afford a lot,only wealthy people are willing to pay this expensive cost.In the other words,the use of renewable energy sources can tackle the pollution problem efficiently but can\’t carry out efficiently.In my point of view,the HK Government has the responsibility to encourage HKcitizens to protect their living place,only advertising isn\’t enough.I think creating a \’Sitting Public Transport Day\’ is quite fun and HK citizens will able to participate in this day too~11 月 5 日 Jin 撰寫: I share the same idea with Samson which the air problem is very serious in Hong Kong.In the recent days I went to some urban areas in Hong Kong and I found that the time I was walking in the street the time I kept on breathing dirty air.I have never stopped breathing the harmful gases.I think it can not be acceptable.We can\’t just have such these quality of air.That will rapidly increase the chance of getting diseases.So,the government must do something to protect citizens health.They should set some law and to execute it strictly.Otherwise,it can not do anything.The factories should also have responsibility to ensure the gases they released has been coped before and reduce the total amount as possible as they can.11 月 5 日 無名名撰寫: I think Hong Kong should have more these "green" exhibitions.As the environmental awareness of Hong Kong people is dropping nowadays.For example,the air pollution in Hong Kong is the most serious problem.Even the destination that we canarrive on foot,actually,for saving time and more comfortable ,we also choose to take public transport or private car.I alwaysask myself, why Hong Kong people so generous to all the drivers,but not for the environment?I believe that if we either don\’t take public transport or private car everyday.The city\’s Air Pollution Index must be reduced!althought it is moredifficult for us to do actually, we can try our best!On th other hand,the electricity also is a very important problem,in fact,i can not imagine if we haven\’t electricity in this earth,how can we live!we can not just rely on many scientists to discover the renewable energy ,we should change our wasted -life style.for example,we ought to trun off all the electric equipment when we do not use,also we should not use a electric equipment for a long time!like watching tv or playing computer,i strongly believe that not only good for the environment but also our health!However,we all have responsibility to protect our environment!11 月 3 日 Tony 撰寫: You have suggested a pretty good improvement of thr air quality of Hong Kong.But i think it is quite difficult to achieve.For example, you suggests HK people should use public transports rather than using private cars.But you can see that using private cars are much more convenient. It is very difficult to encourage the private car drivers to use public transportsOn the other hand,the way you suggest to solve the air pollution problem is to develop more renewable resourses but it takes a lot of money and time to developso it can not solve the problem that we face in a short period of time.And my opinion is to coorparate with China Government to limit the operation of factories inGuangDong which is the major reasons affecting the air quality of HK.It is more practical and it takes shorter time to achieve.Do you agree with my opinion?11 月 2 日


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