For Cat Lovers

For Cat Lovers

Wong Hui Ling


Nowadays, Hong Kong has a lot of cat lovers. Although they love pretty cats very much, they cannot have enough space for cats. Then, what can they do? Luckily, a Choc cat Café is opened in Hong Kong. Also, it is paradise for cats and cat lovers.


In the café, there are eight lovely cats. Moreover, it is obvious that they walk, sleep, play and fight freely in the café. If you want to visit the cafe, you should choose a best time – in the afternoon. It is because the Choc cat Café not only serve afternoon tea at a cheaper price, but also there are fewer people and the atmosphere is more comfortable.


In addition, if you visit there, you will be surprised. When you push open the door, you will see cats are lying on the table and one come forward to welcome you on every time. It is amazing. I suggest you should try to go there.


Especially, the café also provides many different kinds of food, for example, a hot taro-milk drink as well as the little pot of condensed milk. Sometimes, I hear about my friend said that the food was not very delicious; the design of food is different. Therefore, I guess those who come here come for the cats not the food.


Nevertheless, it is important for the cats. They are always sitting on couches near the window. There is enough space for the cats. So, the cats feel free and comfortable. They have a nap in the rest of time. It makes me jealous.


Finally, if you want to have a relaxing time, the cafe can provide a peaceful place for you. The cats are waiting for you! 

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One Response to For Cat Lovers

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    TAM ka Yee 撰寫: cat not only our pet,but also our family and we must treat them with lots of love and Cats are vey honest and thoughtful pet,when you are happy or not,they will come over and lick you hand to make you have a good mood again.Once upon a time,I had night different species of cats,but when I moved HK I don\’t have one anymore.10 月 19 日


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