Food from China

Food from China
Terry Chan 6B
I have just read an article from South China Morning Post.
The article is talking about the melamine,a harmful substance, found from the eggs by the Hong Kong’s Government. The eggs were transferred form Mainland to Hong Kong. This is the first time discover the eggs having this harmful substance. I am worried about the pollution of melamine spreading to the non-processing food.
But how can we avoid eating those polluted food? I don’t know why so many food were polluted. The first things I knew was the powdered milk. Then is the snacks. Now in turn to eggs. The next one will be rice? Meat? Vegetable?
How can we ensure the basic food are safe? I think the government have responsibility to control these situations. The most emergency thing is strict up the quality of food. Check thoroughly. I think this may make our life safe.
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One Response to Food from China

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    ming撰寫: In fact, there were also lots of food problem cases in the past.i think Chinese should concern that as soon as possible. Many Chinese businessman in order to earn more money, they can do anything. For example, the fake food, using poison substance to make food to reduce the cost. Of course, some of these case are the accidents. But i think the Government should share a part of responsibility. If the government can check the food carefully, i think the number of the incident will decrease obviously. lastly, bless the victim get health as soon as possible!11 月 5 日 Wendy 撰寫: Although lots of food around us was polluted , i am not very worried about that . It is because it require a large amount of those food to cause healthy problem .However , this case show that the moral value of Chinese people is different from us . They think money is important than people\’s health . I think this thought is quite selfish .Government should judge them with a hard punishment to intimidate the people stop to do any thing like that again.Also a good education of moral value is important to avoid those thing too.11 月 1 日 kaby撰寫: Although lots of food around us was polluted , i am not very worried about that . It is because it require a large amount of those food to cause healthy problem .However , this case show that the moral value of Chinese people is different from us . They think money is important than people\’s health . I think this thought is quite selfish11 月 1 日 Lunny 撰寫: This is a heartbreaking news about the toxic food. Not just the food, also the attitude of the companies, that i am furious. They claimed that this was none of their business, then pointed all the faults towards low people. The actions were very mean! After the scandal was exposed, I think the main problem is corruption. China is a civilized country. However, their deep custom is not changed– everything is related to money. Something is wrong, use money to solve. They want to pass the test of safty food, use money to solve. Toxic food is also passed? Of course, money! I hope the china gov. reform social abuses, and the bad custom. 10 月 31 日 無名名撰寫: i think it is terrible to hear about the nwes of these toxic food in recent year again.Such as Malachite green in those fishes,the Sudan(I) contained in the egg yolk and those soya sauces are made from hair.ACctually, for this year Melemine isthe most popular poison in the powdered milk.Since i think our life is threatened by those toxic food very much!In fact, i can not bear those manufacturer,as they are not concern the health of the other people and just foe the money that theyhad earned!Also,i agree that the government have responsibility to control these situations,from the news,i knew thatthese problem should discover early,but actually the government had not concern this,so lastly it caused a very big problemnow.not only our lief,but also the income that China earn,it is because many countries also not to inlet the food thatmade from China and more tourists would not come to Hong Kong!However,we should choose the food more carefully!10 月 31 日 ChanTheresa撰寫: It\’s true that more and more food had found there were toxin inside. As human need to take in food to mantain our lifes, eating is essensial. We can not avoid eating all those food had found toxin inside, since eggs, milk, cheese etc. are common. Many food are made of egg such as bread, noddles, cakes and so on. So the most important thing is to set up a well control system, to ensure the food we eat are really safe. Since I had read a newspaper a few days ago, it said the eggs with melamine had checked once in Mainland, and they passed the melarmine test. But when those eggs arrived at Hong Kong, melarmine was found. This news makes me feel really worry, how can we trust those \’food safety\’ test? How can we know the food we eat are safe?10 月 30 日 Katrina 撰寫: In the past few years,there are many news about different toxin in different food.And the most recent one is melamine in milk and egg. These two things should be good for us . Many professional suggested people eat or drink more these things in order to maintain health. But after the news is announced to the public , I think those professional will hesititate to suggest people eating these things. The most helathy thing becomes the most unhealthy thing. It\’s really a ridiculous thing. Seems that there is no more healthy food in the world. Fish,pork,beef….everything has toxin. I agreed with what Terry said.\’\’What should we eat?\’\’Maybe this question become the most difficult question for everyone.There is no doubt that government should take action to control the qualityof the food and it\’s urgent too. But it is very diffuclt for the government to solve the problem in a short period of time. As what Jim said, setting up a limit is not an aprropriate way to solve the problem. In my opinion, as those polluted food were made in China. Hong Kong Government cannot supervise the food plant, Hong Kong can request the Mainland Government to have better control on the quality of food or check the quality of food from Mainland more frequently. China is in progress and raising in international stage. The food problem destoryed all the effort that China made. The foreign country lost confidence of food from China . In their mind, Chinese products are always inferior things. Chinese people care about how the others think of them . They should do something to redeem the confidence of the foreigner .10 月 30 日 PhoeBe 撰寫: Melamine concerned the whole china.No doubt,it is harmful to our health,but i think we dont need to worry too much about the Melamine in snacks.As the recent investigation showed that if we eat about a hundred packets of snack daily,the large amount of Melamine then harm us.It\’s unbelievable that to eat a hundred packets of snack daily,no one even a child will do such silly things.So the problem of snacks are not as serions as the polluted milk.Some children,i dont mean the babies,they drink milk as breakfast,lunch and dinner.In their lives,milk is the element to maintain their lives.The abominable businessmen make use of their demand and earn money form them.However,at the same time they also put children and babies\’ lives under the money.How ignominious ear they.I absoulutely suggest the govenment should send those businessmen to the jail forever.That\’s for the sake of our posterity.10 月 30 日 Jin Hau 撰寫: It is horrible to hear this news.Melamine even found in eggs.So,what food will be the next?what food or who can be trusted?Are we eating lots chemical in every single food?I think the government should take very serious of those things.Those things are not affect one or two but the whole human race.Since those things can causes dead,we should be able to correct it.Some babies were dead before,if the food problem has getting more worst after,the birth rate will lower than the I death rate at last.The social will be seriously affected.It can\’t be acceptable by saying "sorry" then the problem is finished.I also want to state that the government must not to set up a limitation of Melamine which state one day if you have not absorb some level amount of Melamine,you will be fine.Melamine is a thing that never adding into food.Now government has set some limitation,so that means Melamine is acceptable to adding into food? 10 月 30 日


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