First Job for the New President

First Job for the New President

Lunny Lam


The news came from Yahoo! News.;_ylt=AgsUrGq8VwIot5CMQsUEYris0NUE


The new American President, Obama, is facing an economic crisis. When Obama joined the election, he said "We need change!" . There is no doubt about his ability. But the expected result is always affected by another factors. He is not just facing a local problem, also an international problem. He wants to solve the problems. Money! No money no talk! I have discussed this question with my sister, How Obama can make incomes? We have a very finny answer. Because Obama is so popular, more than all artists, singers, stars….. So he can make some "Obama products" such as signed photos, Obama T-shirt, cups…… just all things are printed his face on. We think it can bring America a large income. Haha, joke only! I believe that Obama can do it because all american have the same target, same dream.

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One Response to First Job for the New President

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Ada Lau 撰寫: According to the result of American President, it is obvious that most of the Americans support Obama and they give him a very high expectation. Those Americans think that Obama can solve the economic problem successfully. Obama is good and I think he can make the changes of America. I argee that to gain profit to America is the most important thing to do during the period of being the American President, this is a difficult mission to Obama, the world economies are in a deep trouble now. Some expert said that the G.D.P. of America will decrease until the end of 2009. Obama should show the people how he copes with this problem and show the he is able to lead America. If Obama fail to solve the problem, I am sure that it is hard for him to let people support him anymore.11 月 15 日 Jin 撰寫: Your suggestion is pretty interesting in my view.I \’m agree that he need to solve the economical problem which spread all over the world now.Everyone are waiting for his solution.But one thing should be reminded that the crisis cannot be settle down in a short period of time or one man can finish it.We should not be too high expected to his ability otherwise disappointment will come soon.Still I\’m also think he is a President who can get the jobs done and lead the American go thought the problems they have since the problems are happen in the world,he is the good leader to lead us on.11 月 15 日 Lunny 撰寫: MY NAME IS LUNNY "YUEN", NOT LUNNY"LAM"! SIR!11 月 13 日


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