Dangerous Food Around Us

Dangerous Food Around Us

Nicole Tam


Although this article has been posted for a few weeks, I think it is quite impressive and interesting.  Therefore I would like to share with all of you.


Have you ever heard of a food additive which is called MSG, monosodium glutamate?  Fear of this additive came about in the 60s, when most people believe MSG is harmful to our bodies.  However, little scientific proof against MSG has been shown.  Nevertheless, public hysteria has won the battle over scientific logic.  And MSG continues to be avoided by health-conscious diners.  At the same time, some restaurateurs highly emphasize that their restaurants are" MSG-free" in order to attract more healthy diners.


In fact, MSG is hidden in the majority of processed ingredients, such as oyster sauce, XO sauce and ketchup that are used by every kitchen, even in a five-star hotel!  Let’s say normal ketchup costs $10 while an organic one costs $50.  For most restaurants that sort of pricing is just not workable. That’s why this may raise a doubt whether the diners can truly enjoy a meal without MSG.  Here I will quote what the restaurateurs replied, “All our stocks and broths are homemade without MSG. However, we also buy bottled sauces from outside sources. We have no control over what the manufacturers put in those, and we do not conduct tests to see if they contain MSG.”  So isn’t there a contradiction?  Do you think that the restaurants are really innocent? 


In my point of view, it is impossible for me to believe that all the restaurateurs are innocent.  There must be some cunning restaurateurs putting profits in their first consideration instead of customers.  After reading this article, one thing that I will bear in mind is not to fully believe what the people claim. 

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One Response to Dangerous Food Around Us

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Taotao撰寫: In this day and age,we can find that somefood is harmful to us that threatent our life.This news is quiet a buffet to me,since I love eating food with sourses,such as steak with black pepper sourse and hotdog with mustard.I think it\’s time to adjust my eating habbit,no one wants to be the next victim.In the other hand,I think the Hong Kong Government should legislate more conscientious to control the ingredients contain in food,no matter sourses,or raw materials11 月 30 日 吳呀豪撰寫: I know that eating outside is quite unhealthy.You know,to make the foods more delicious,those foods contains a lot of additives or somethings that unhealthy to our body.But if form now on,I will avoid to eat outside since I think it waste a lot of money and also dangerous.I love to eat at home since it has variety of food.Ican eat what ever i love to.I do not need to follow the menu of the restaurant.It gives me more freedom.On the other hand ,I have never haerd about MSG before.And now I will attend more about this substance because i know it is pretty bad for my health11 月 17 日 teleponeAesculapius撰寫: Although I heard about MSG before, I still think that MSG is not really harmful. Of course, it can damage our body, but not affective. Since the technology is being better and better, we know more about things inside the food. But it brought us an inconvenient truth that nearly every food contain a little amount of toxic substances. MSG is contained in many ingredients which we ate a lot, if it is very harmful, we should be feeling sick after eating. Also, not only MSG is harmful. There are more substances in food is toxic, should we eat those food? Obviously not, food is a kind of enjoyment, it cannot be aware anytime. Good things always carry price, and food carry a little toxic is its price. We ought not to fear what inside11 月 16 日 Phoebe\’ 撰寫: In fact,i\’ve never heard MSG before reading your article.But afterwards i did a research about it and i found that MSG is not uncommon in ourdaily life.As you said,oyster sauce, XO sauce and ketchup also contain MSG.And even the five-star restaurant will use these MSG products!However,most of them claim that the meal there is MSG free.It\’s really ridiculous.Who will believe in such\’innocent\’guy?I think they dont need to pretend all the thing in their restaurant is healthy and without any toxin.It\’s because ,in my point of view,if we eat a large amount of the same kind of food continually,even the food is good for our health,we will also get bad result because of this.Thus,absorb enough nutrition and add appropriate amount flavor for our meal is the best thing for our life.11 月 16 日



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