Tong Yan Yi

A drunk diver whose truck hit a taxi killing everybody inside has been charged with six couts of manslaughter
Although he knelt down and begged for forgiveness from the relatives of those killed in this acccident , they
resfused to accept his apologies . lt is because they knew that no matter he apologized or not , their families would not come back . I think his behaviour not only is very irresponsilble but also is a shame of Hong Kong people . l think that the hong kong government should make law tigther so that driver would not break the law anymore . Although he felt very regretful , it cannot fix the thing which he killed the people in the accident . 
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One Response to Crash

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    WonG撰寫: Thank you for your sharing. Actually, I felt sorry for the accident when I heard about it. It is a tragedy for us. However,everyone must die in the future when he/she is old or happens a accident. Thus, we should learn how to accept this kind of accident as a psychological preparation. Additionally, I agree with you. I also think that The Hong Kong Government should make a series of laws to ensure public\’s benefits. I believe that if the government try his best to make up some laws, the accidents will reduce a lot of.5 月 6 日


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