Crash driver

Crash driver
Lau Hoi Ming
A drunk driver whose truck plowed into a taxi killing everybody inside. 
  There were six counts of workman. 
  He will be caught in the prison for 5-10 years.  That is a very serious punishment for this accident. 
  A test revealed that he had 153 micrograms of alcohol in his blood,  nearly seven times the legal limit.  It is obviously clear that he was in a deep drunk.  But he also decided to drive the truck,  it is a thoughtless thing for him.  He made a bad change of other six person’s family.  The other family lose a essencial person who was offering money for them.  Their children had not father in their life. 
  Althought he knelt down and begged for their forgiveness,  the relatives refused to accept his apologies. 
  Do not drink and drive is the rule of the driver.  It not just help you keeping your life it also keep the other people’s life. 
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One Response to Crash driver

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    KwanIn撰寫: Driving a car when they are drunk is a destructive choice as it will easily cause serious accidents, which could lead to heavy injuries and even death. This kind of action involves in most of accidents around the world. To help in avoiding this, the society has put lots of effort to educate people and show them how it will threat the safety of themselves and the others. As a member of the growing generation, we have the responsibilities to behave ourselves to make the road safer.9 月 23 日 TANGChaRles(離線)撰寫: I think that driving a car is dangerous. Thus, we should do it carefully. Government always remind us that we should drive car carefully! If not, we not only will hurt the other, but also will us. Therefore, even you have a long driving experence or not, you also should drive carefully! Then, you should be a great driver.5 月 17 日 人頭撰寫: To Ka HoI think that people should drive carefully. It is because they had already known that if they diver taxi with drunk , they will be easily to get accidents . This is my opinion of this actircle.5 月 14 日 LauAllen(離線)撰寫: I thing that the driver irresponsible . It is because they had already known that if they diver taxi with drunk , they will be easily to get accidents . So, they should not diver when they are drunk . Peoples\’ life is very vary . The diver should consider the other people\’s life. 5 月 13 日 Wai Chiu撰寫: I think so.I think that people should drive carefully.It is because the this kind of accident is very easy to kill people.I think a people who kill many people in a accident he cannot be apologied by the dead peoples\’ family.This is my opinion of this actircle.5 月 13 日


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