Crash driver charged with manslaughter

Crash driver charged with manslaughter
Tang Keng Man
          People always regret after doing something wrong .  Nontheless , they don’t  consider that what will happen and what’s the consequence .  If they are thoughtful ,the result will be different.    

        Law Siu-kuen , 41 ,was involved in a fatal accident .  His container truck collided with a taxi in Ma Chau on January 23 .  A test revealed that he had 153 micrograms of alcohol in his blood , nearly seven times the legal and he drove .  Five construction workers on their way to work and a taxi driver were killed .   After that , Law knelt down and begged for their relatives’ forgiveness . But ,they refused to accept his apologies.
        It is crystal clear that dangerous driving is not acceptable .  In addition , it is a fact that the maximum sentence for manslaughter is life in prison . The most important is that safe-driving  is a fundamental responsibility for public to carry out .  But I am sure that citizen should pay more attention to the danger of traffic and be aware of the effects.

        In  my opinion , our  lives are priceless . Our government  should raise public awareness of driving safety and educate public to learn more knowledge about it.                 

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2 Responses to Crash driver charged with manslaughter

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    敏智撰寫: Tam Man ChiI think that the government should teach people not to drink before driving. It is because drink before driving very dangerous. A lot of accident happen after people drink alcohol and drive. And those kind of accident kill a lot of people. So, I think that the government should teach people not to drink before driving.5 月 14 日 HungChiron撰寫: that accident make me feel terrible.i am afraid of this.since that , everyday , i worry about the car. when i wait and the car crush , i am scared. i can\’t know that which driver has drunk or not.5 月 13 日 JanAnwar撰寫: i agree with you. when people do something they don\’t consider that what will happen and what is the consequence. i think that it is a problem since when every one do wrong thing and said that they are right and don\’t do the wrong become right and after then they do the next thing wrong and said they are forget. i think it is not a good thing in our public and i think that people can became more thoughtful .5 月 13 日 YICHIng撰寫: I agree wtih you.I always feel regret when I do the wrong things.I will be self-reflection.Then,it can avoid these knids of event which happen again.Also,I think that when people do the wrong things about someone,I think that they shuold give the apologies to someone.Peope should be honest to do that.5 月 11 日 CLMSI撰寫: I agree with you. Our life is very precious since actually we do not have enough time to achieve our dream. Law Siu-kuen , he must be regretful but he involved in a tragedy. Dangerous driving is illegal. The government also raise our awareness. However, he ignored. As a result, he become a convict. It shows that we should be careful. Otherwise, our life will be a shame.5 月 11 日 練智華撰寫: Lin chi wa:I think the 5 construction workers was extremely unluckily.In addition,HK government not just make adv to tell people that if people who is dangerous driving,they would punished.Therefore,HK government should improve the law.For instance,which people who are dangerous driving because of drink,the government should punish them.Besides,government should encourage lots of school to teach their students that is wrong.5 月 11 日 KwanIn撰寫: Kwan InPeople can\’t avoid doing something wrong no matter if it is what they want or not. It is useless for them to regret as the accident has happened. Instead of doing this, people should have their responsibilities to do everything they can to rescue and think what they can do to avoid accidents happen in the future.5 月 11 日 Tam ka ho撰寫: Every one suffer from the different destiny,but sometimes,we can avoid some unnecessary accidents which are cause by driving under the influence of alcohol.Every person is accountable for the things which is he did.Therefore, for others, for yourself,when you doing things, you should fully consider the pernicious virus of the things you are doing. People always regret after doing something wrong,but if you consider that what will happen and what\’s the consequence,the refults will be different.5 月 10 日 Ho Pui撰寫: I think that this accident was very unluckily for the five construction workers. It was because many people thought that it was very terrible. But, I think that the Hong Kong government should increase punishment of the dangerous driving. It is because dangerous driving can hurt other people. I think that safe driving is very important for us.(Sin Ho Pui)5 月 7 日

  2. - james 說道:

    LAU HOI MINGI agree wtih is a tragedy for every family in that accidient. IN this accidient make many people aware the driving safety and the drank driving problem. I think that the government should raise the punishment of the dangerous driving and give a clear message to public that dangerous driving is a very critical crime in hong kong.


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