Crash driver charged with manslaughter

Crash driver charged with manslaughter

Wong Shuk Yee

It was such a miserable case whch happened in Hong Kong in January that was three days before Lunar New Year. Law -Siu kuen was the main character in this traffic accident whose container truck collided with a taxi in Lok Ma Chau.Unfortunately , fire construction workers on their way to work and the taxi driver were killed.After a month, Law knelt down and begged for forgiveness from the relatives of those killed in the accident but they refused to accept his apologies.

In my personal opinion, even though he apologize to those relatives , he couldn’t be forgiven ,Due to the killing of many people, the families of the people lost their relatives that was unimaginative.Besides , Lunar New Year was coming. They lost their relatives.How came they would have a reunion with their families.It was really a tragedy.
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  1. JCCSS 說道:

    譚婉欣撰寫: I am extremely angry with the diver as he is so inconsiderate that he don\’t care about the other people\’s life . Also he should konw that drunk divering is illegal , he also don\’t understand the low . I think that he is have the intent of geting accident . This kind of people should not be a diver . 5 月 13 日 TAMKA YEE撰寫: Yes, family members, no matter who will be very short of tragic, it is an apology regardless of how many times can not be compensated. Hong Kong, a spate of traffic accidents every year, then on behalf of that person\’s family will be lost from a person, and things continued to repeat, that the final number of innocent people will be sacrificed!5 月 10 日 michellechan撰寫: That was really a tragedy. I think that the main character apologied too late. Because of his careless driving , cause many people\’s deadth. Therefore, those victims\’ familiesnot accepting his apologize is understandable.It was very despressed for everyone hearing this accient before the Luna New Year. What a miserable thing!5 月 7 日


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