Better Life, Wider Gap

Better Life, Wider Gap

Ada Lau


I have just read an article from the BBC news. The article talks about the lives of Chinese have improved but there is still a very big gap between the rich and the poor. After the Beijing Olympics, the economies of China have a great improvement. Just a week before, most of the Chinese celebrates the 30 years of economic reforms. According to the recent survey, it shows that between 1978 and 2007, rural poverty fell from 30.7% to just 1.6%. The most important reason of the result is just the human development; this is the most stunning achievement.


The article says that there is a problem that is emerged with not everyone benefiting equally from rapid economic expansion. The east urban of China is richer than the west urban; there is a large gap between different social groups. It is because the citizens just put capitals in one particular place and no one wants to invest in the hinterland. Therefore no improvement will exist in those places.


In my opinions, the rural people is very poor since they just gain a little profit a year and it is difficult for them to move to the big cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and so on. I suggest that the government ought to encourage the citizens to have an investment on the rural also the government should put more capital that increases the standard of their lives. The rural people should be supported by the government, so they can be easier to earn income or learn more skills that move to the city to work.


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One Response to Better Life, Wider Gap

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Theresa 撰寫: It is true that there is a very big gap between the rich and the poor people, the daily income of a rich people may more than a year total income of the poor family.The GPD of China had increased a lot, but it only benifit a few city in China, the other part of China is still very poor, people are living in extremely poor condition, food is always insufficient, and the water supply is also a big problem.Unfortunately, the government aloways ignoe this problem, so I think the government need to do is not only to improve the total GPD, but also make the GPD distrubute more evening. Otherwise, the gap will become wider and wider, and the problem can never be solved.12 月 1 日 HOIBE撰寫: The poverty problem and the huge gap between the haves and have-nots in mainland China is truly a serious problem nowadays. We can see many TV programmes talk about these issues. It is undoubtedly that we should give a hand to the needy. In fact, lots of charity organization have already done a lot of work in such regions and Hong Kong people is obviously quite generous to donate money . It is grateful that the living standard of poor people in China is getting better and better with our help. However, some people are still in need and need our help. I hope those people can leave the poverty as soon as possible and the gap between the rich and the poor can go away.11 月 30 日 leungfung撰寫: I have just read the comment from Ada write. Her comment is talked about the rich and the poor. She say that the gap between the rich and the poor are wider than before. In article, it say that the most reason of the large gap is human development. The government in China only develop more in the esat of the China but little in the west of the China. And a lot of people also put their capital in the West so the gap is wider. As the gap is serious, I think the government need to have a new policy to solve the problem. So that the poor will decrease and more peopl e have more money. 11 月 22 日 Jin 撰寫: Actually,if the government really want to improve the economies of China that everyone can living a good condition of life,it is very difficult to make it.Since population in China are very large also the area of China is huge,so government can\’t really take care of every single place in the country.When the population is grow rapidly in nowadays,the benefit cannot be share to everyone.So argument will produced.But still the government should try their best to do the jobs they should be done.Provide a well standard environment that they can do to make people feel living in China is a smart choice.11 月 22 日 samson 撰寫: I feel very lucky of living in Hong Kong as it is a coastal city. The role of Hong Kong as a trade port brings about the richness of people. However, the inland area of China is not as rich as the coastal city. Because the main production of mainland people is farming. No people want to invest in rural areas. The trading avtivities of the coastal cities are very common. The high and gorgeous building show the prosperity of the cities. To have a balance between the richer one and the poorer one, people in the richer cities should raise fund to support the development of the rural areas. More schools should be built so that people can have a better education. The government should construct more infrastructure to improve the living standard of people and make their lives more convenient.11 月 21 日


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