Elton Chan 6B 


I have read an article about Beijing form The English Channel (1ST October 2008). Beijing is the capital of China, it is a very huge city which is the second largest city after Shanghai. Beijing is a popular travel place, after the Olympic Games, more western citizens love Beijing, one of the reasons is there are many characteristic architecture. For example, Gugong, The Forbidden City and the Great Wall. However, most of these classical architecture were destroyed by our compatriots. Last time, I travelled the Beijing city, there were a lot of daubs on the Great Wall; cigarette butts and phlegm on the ground; cracks on the wall of the Gugong. I was very disappointed. All of these architecture is our valuable wealth which represent the strength of our great China. Therefore the Chinese government should set a law to protect our wealth and educate the next generation the importance and the meaning of these architecture.     

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  1. JCCSS 說道:

    HING 撰寫: Beijing is a very huge city and it is the capital of China. After the Olympic Games hold in Beijing, more and more people love Beijing.Although it is a beautiful city which a lot of people love, the evil man also will destory the classical architecture such as the Great Wall.I think we should not to destory the classical architecture because it is valuable and a history of that country\’s culture.I hope no people will destory the classical architecture again.11 月 5 日 Bryan MAK CHUNG PAN 撰寫: Beijing form The English Channel on 1ST October 2008.That is a good news for the Beijing. This is a useful way showing China face to the world.Also the uphold freedom is showed by letting the foreign reporters to reports the news.It can let the China joining the world\’s family.Let the western and USA to discuss the world\’s problems.I think this is a good news for China and the world.Moreover,it can let the world to know China more and change their image for China.10 月 30 日 HOIBE撰寫: From my perspective, it is truly a pity to hear that many classial architecture were danmaged by the citizens in mainland China. In fact, in most of the Asian countries , most of the citizens don\’t have the aware of protecting the valuable buildings and preserving the heritage. Regretfully, the same case happens in Hong Kong too. For instance, the Queen Pier. It is truly that we should try our best to preserve and protect those heritage which carry a messege to the next generation or presenting some special meanings of our culture.10 月 30 日


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