Ban Trading Ivory Products Online

Ban Trading Ivory Products Online

Leung Tsz Fung 6B


This article is found in young post of South China Morning Post and it is talking about the Ebay. The Ebay decided to ban the sale of ivory products and they said that it is the best way to protect the endangered elephants. Because in every year, there is more than twenty thousands elephants slaughtered for their tusks that the Ebay take action to protect the elephants.
In the article, it said that there is over one thousand items from endangered animals every week. When I have read the article, I think the Ebay that was doing very well but I feel unhappy of the information because of the great number of the items. Also, for the elephants, we’ll only need the ivory to make ivory products, it is very cruel to the elephants and it is also for other animals. So I support the Ebay and happy of that, but unfortunately, the Ebay will still allow the sale of some itmes which contain a small amount of ivory. I think the Ebay should not allow all the ivory products to protect the elephants. So that people who kill the elephants for ivory will decrease and the number of elephants can increase. The elephants will not be extinction. I hope that the Ebay can the elephants and other companies can follow the policy of the Ebay to help all endangered animals and protect them.

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One Response to Ban Trading Ivory Products Online

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Ada Lau 撰寫: I think the decision of Ebay is useful. Ebay is a popular company that people will have sales or purchases through Ebay,therefore to ban the sales of ivory product can let the people know we should protect the endangered elephants. Nowadays, there are many news talking about the endangered species and all of them will disapper soon if people still kill the animals or keep going to pollute the environment. I think that if Ebay can carry out the plan successfully, it will attract other company to follow what ebay is doing, that means the other company will also ban the sales of ivory product. At the end,it can bring attention to the public and hope the people can stop using the ivory products.I think this is the result which E-Bay hoe for, and all of us should support this good idea and protect the endangered species.10 月 30 日 Telly Fung 撰寫: 30 October 13:45 is done by me sorry that I had not put down my name at the last of the passage 10 月 30 日 teleponeAesculapius撰寫: I strongly agree with the Ebay\’s choice. Actually, environment is closely attached with food chain. If one kind of animals extinct, another kind of animals will raise in numbers, which may cause a collapse of food web. Hunting elephants or other enddangered animals is illegal, however, the profits get by doing this is more attractive than obey the law. It shows that the law is not powerful enough to prevent people from hunting endangered animals. on the other hand, advertising and educating the importance of a perfect food web to adults and students are a must to stop people buying the products which are made illegally. elephants\’ ivories may be elegant and rare, but getting these by speeding up the destruction of food web is an exchange of unequal values. We ought to stop this immediately10 月 30 日 samson 撰寫: I agree with the decision of Ebay. It is true that elephant is an endangered species, and about 4000 elephants are killed illegally every year. It is a great number which bring a threat to the elephants. People kill the elephants for making ivory products. Although they can earn a lot of money, they are destorying the lives of the elephants. Ebay should stop all the sales of ivory products, instead of allowing the sale of items which contain small amount of ivory. Other countries are responsible for the ban of all economic activities related to endangered species. They can set up some laws. Education can bring the message of endangered species protection for young people. Apart from elephants, pandas and Chinese White Dolphin are endangered. We should protectthem .10 月 30 日


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