Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Connie Ho


I had read the article from youngpost about the bad breath. Did you have a problem about

halitosis? Or do you need to stand a miles apart from your friends or families? I strongly believe that all of you also have been experienced it in the past already. Not only you and me, but also Hong Kong people. When I am having a conversation with them, I will worried that! One of the main reason is that we do not care our teeth! If we have poor dental hygiene and gum disease, that will cause the bad breath, I guess most of the Hong Kong people would not brush and floss their teeth regularly everyday. Too busy? Too troublesome? I agree that it is an excuse. It is very terrible that the food particles stay in mouth for a long time? Actually, how can they bear it? Except the dental hygiene, but also

diet that we eat everyday, including garlic. onion and some spices. These food release stronger smells too. So if you are these food’s supporter, I suggest you all should always do the best of your dental hygiene!


For this problem, I propose you all should drink water as it  helps keep reducing the bacteria from your mouth. And having a checking of teeth every year. If you don’t want to feel embarrassed about your mouth, you must to treat it seriously!

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One Response to Bad Breath

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    wendy 撰寫: I think I will be more attentive on my teeth.The consequence of being careless in our mouth is serious.Except halitosis , there are many other mouth disease like periodontal disease , tooth decay will cause by bad habit in dental protection .So we should not be careless although we have not halitosis . And go to check your teeth regularly is essential .Don\’t be lazy ! Going to check your teeth immediately.11 月 16 日 HOIBE撰寫: it is true that you will feel embarrassed when you are having a bad breath or you smell someone beside you are having a bad breath. It is because you don\’t know what to do when you noticed someone can smell the bad flavor of your month or you would not know how to tell your friends that their month smell pungent and nasty.To be frankly, i have this kind of experience too. Once, i noticed one of my friends had a really bad breath when i was having a conversation with her . I don\’t know how to tell her and just try to stand as far as i could to avoid smelling her breath directly. However, she keep moving toward me!!!!\’\’Oh my God! It smells nasty! I could not breath! \’\’that is what i was thinking at that time. It is really a embarrassing experience… 11 月 14 日


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