After I read the Standard, I know that India has long been associated whit the Taj Mahal, curry and, in recent years call centres for IT companies. I think that after a few years, India will be faster than many countries. Whatever I think that in India, some places is over rich but some places are very poor. The problem of extreme disparity between the rich and the poor and a poverty gap is very serious.
    The newspaper also talks about the movie Slumdog Millionaire. It is the story of feature and it has put the spotlight on how cinematically vibrant India is. I also see the film and I also think that the film is very touching and it is very good. The movie also exaggerates the negative sides of India if film is different from a Bollywood movie in many ways. It does not have the singing and dancing that tends to typify such films. And the actresses in Bollywood film usually dress in traditional saris. But in the movie, there are one or two protagonists lead the crowd behind and the scene is heart-warming and usually happy.
Of course all countries have slums and the film has highlighted the dark side of India. But this is perhaps the difference between Bollywood films and British director Danny Boyle’s  India film.
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