Another Successfull Space Mission

Another Successfull Space Mission

Ng Wing Cho 


China successfully launch into the space. This time was China the third time to go to the space. It is the country’s most challenging mission since the first time sending a person into the space in 2003. I think it is the first time they have succeed going to the space, they count as very good because they haven’t tried to go to space before so I think this is the time to get the experience to go further next time. That shows china is not fake but it is just slower than American’s development.


This time they not only blasted off to the space but also had spacewalk. The spacewalk show that China was some of the powerful country. I felt really delighted about of the Shenzhou 7 is the third times of the Chinese human space flight.


Last, I thought that it was the important achievement at technology.

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