A Spooky photo—–Believe it or not

A Spooky photo—–Believe it or not

Ho Wing Hong


A lot of people believe that there are many ghosts in the world.

I also believe it. Why? It is because I have seen it when I am P.4.

That day my friends and I go to the park to play football. Suddenly, we saw someone stand in front the door which was a building main door. She/He worn white long coat with short hair. We did not care about this. However, we were scared when we all saw her/him moving.

It is very unforgettable. Now, I also very scared when I think about this event.

本篇發表於 S4。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

One Response to A Spooky photo—–Believe it or not

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Cheun撰寫: I also believe that since i watch too many horror movie. After that, I sometimes hear that there were screamed . Maybe it is impossible. However, we cannot check if it is true. Thus, we can trust it or not.2 月 10 日 lukhoi man撰寫: I believe that ghost are in the world. I remembered that when I was 9 years old, I saw a couple of lover appear in my room.I felt very horrible. Thus, I turned on the light. Nonetheless, the ghost disappear. Nowadays, I still believe ghosts are in theworld. I say muself I reduce to see horror films as I worried that ghosts will come back!!4A Luk Hoi Man12 月 16 日 KENGMAN撰寫: I can\’t deny it because many people said that they ever discovered something like a ghost but not sure.Say roughly, my daddy saw a stranger thing like a ghost once when he used to live in a small ,ancient village .Since that ,he agreed ghost are really existing in the world.But , i have a question about that if the existence of ghost is true , what can we do and what action should we take.12 月 11 日 TamVicki撰寫: I also believe there are many ghosts in the world. I don\’t have unforgettable experience but I always feel that there are many ghosts looking us.4A TAM YUEN YAN 12 月 3 日 chowhoiwai撰寫: I don’t trust that there are many ghosts around the world. I regard that this was your fantasy. It is because various scientific surveys showed that the ghost is only the fantasy in your thinking. That means if you don’t believe there are ghosts in the world, you will not see the ghosts anywhere. Thus, you shouldn’t be frightened.12 月 3 日 cho yiu 4D 21撰寫: Law Cho YiuI also believe that there are many ghosts in the world .But , I have never seen the ghosts. Although many peopletell me that is not true , I always scared about it . 12 月 3 日 tsangyiching 撰寫: I believe there are many ghosts in the world.I also have a experience at my home.It is very scared.I saw a women who wore the long dress and has long hair in my parents room.I go pass my parents room again.I could not see the women.I felt very scared.12 月 2 日 Long Ching撰寫: In fact, I believe that there are ghosts in the world.Although I have not seen it ,I still believe that.It is very terrible in my mind.I hope that I will never see it in the future.12 月 2 日 Tam ka ho 撰寫: I don\’t believe in ghosts. But I often heard people talk about ghosts. It is said that ghosts often appear at night. In my opinion, ghosts don\’t exist in reality but only in people\’s fancy!12 月 2 日 Sin Ho Pui 撰寫: I think that this thing is very horrible. But, I think that many people can\’t see them. So, I think that this thing is very special.12 月 1 日 Tang wa kei 撰寫: I also believe that there are many thing that we can\’t see. It is because i \’ve seem it before in Indonesia. If you want to know. I can tell you face to face…. 11 月 30 日 3A-24撰寫: 3A-24 NG SAI HEI11 月 30 日 3A-24撰寫: really? i never encounter something which you said that you met in p 4but one of my friends she also had this kind of experience i extremely understand that ghosts are terrible in the general cognizebut don\’t be too afraid 11 月 30 日 CHAN HANG WAI 撰寫: OH…it is really horrorible .I think it is a unforgotable experience . It is so frightened that someone must have a special memory.Anyway i really think that it is strange and unusual.But I preferred had never seen it.There are many story and picture show that many ghosts in the world but… By the way I will not belive it (because i haven\’t seen it)11 月 30 日 WONG SHUK YEE 撰寫: IS it really? why don\’t take a photo on that time .I think that it should convulse all of the people.Nonetheless,I know that my friend saw the ghost when he is P.6.actually,I don\’t know it is a truth or lies but I belive the ghost has saved in the world.If not , why many people has seen the ghost?11 月 30 日 WONG HIU LING 撰寫: To begin with , I do not believe that ghosts live in the world since I never see it . However , if I discover it , I will go away immediately because of scary . Finally , i do not know taht you can see the woman is a luck or bad luck. But , Maybe it is not real .Also, I think you should try your best forget it.11 月 30 日 michellechan撰寫: I am also afraid of ghosts , especailly female ghosts. Fortunately , i haven\’t seen it yet. ( also don\’t want to see it.) I never watch horror film since i am scared. I will not think about it all the time .If you always think about it , you will be crazy. Therefore, don\’t care too much.11 月 30 日 Ng Chui Ling 撰寫: I have to say I don\’t believe there are ghosts in the world.Though there are many stories and pictures about ghosts,I don\’t really believe them.And you shared your experience,but how can you know that it\’s a ghost?Can\’t she be a human being?Or it was just your imagination?11 月 28 日



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