A Price That Can Change Your Life – Study Overseas

A Price That Can Change Your Life – Study Overseas
Ng Chui Ling 
       Studying overseas is many student’s dream since you can experience the culture in a foreigh country and EF is an association which helps your dream come true.It will hold a High School Program every year which encourages students in Hong Kong to spend one year studying overseas and there will be three lucky winners are granted

scholarships to take part in the Program.

There are many advantages about study overseas and one of them is broadening your horizons.Students in Hong Kong live with their parents and it is common that they are not independent enough.But,when you participate in the exchange programme ,things will change a lot. For instance,you will become more mature with an open mind.What’s more?The learning atmosphere in other countries such as the US is very relaxing.Students take part in many different activities and they have to practice everyday after school. So, they will take the initiative to talk to others.And this will absolutely transform one’s personality towards a good aspect.

I think you should go for it if you have the same dream since it will be a life time experience.Living in an environment that you are not familiar with benefits you a lot.And you will learn the needs of respect when you stay with your host family while you study overseas.

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One Response to A Price That Can Change Your Life – Study Overseas

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    TongKa Nok撰寫: My friend, Ryan, who is one of my friend studing overseas, really enjoy his school life. He has been sent for 3 years since form4. The reason why he was sent to overseas is his study result was bad. In order to let him more mature, his parents took him to Australia. This is a good chance for a student to have a change. They will make friends and study different languages. So, i think i jealous him a little. Hoping that he will have a good fulture. 3 月 26 日 CanSeeYou撰寫: I agree with you. This is a good chance for poor family child to update their knowledge. They can pay less money to do to exchange their experience with another country children. It is good for them. It can improve their English.3 月 26 日 michellechan撰寫: Yes, you are right. There is no doubt that studying overseas can bring lots of advantages. If yuo had studied overseas , you certainly will be more mature since you must take care of youself while you study overseas. However, i think that we also can change ourselves by studying in local school or universities. The main point is that you have worked hard or not. 3 月 26 日 TamVicki撰寫: Will I also watched a movie about a price that change your life . The man is estremely poor but he won the price in a magical chance . Than he ues the money to study overseas that he want to gain knowledge . Also he is extremely hardwork in the school . So , after he finished his study , he became a rich man and he lead his city to be wealthy too . 3 月 26 日 KENGMAN撰寫: Althought your point is right, i have different opinions in it .There are many advantages about study overseas .But the policy is not perfect since still many students can not study in a foreigh country .I believe that hard working is the most important wheather you study in any where, the environment is good or not .In our home-land country , you also can learn a lot.Additional, you should try your best and perform well at school . It is enough.try your best.3 月 26 日 yan yi撰寫: l agree with you . lt is because study oversea is my dream when l was a child as l not only can gain more knowledge but also can communicate with the foreigner so that l can improve me english . moreover , l can know the culture of the a foreign country . l think it will be are meaningful experience for me ..3 月 26 日



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