My school life

1A Qiu Yongan

In the morning, I usually go to school by school bus or by MTR at 7:30 a.m.  The journey takes us 15 minutes.  At 7:45, I buy breakfast at the tuck shop.  There are bread and noodles in tuck shop.

At 8:30, we attend class.  We have English, Chinese, Math, and Liberal studies.  My left hand side is Jim.  My right hand side is Ryan.  In front of me is Ray.  Behind me is Mike.

At recess, mike and I always buy food at the tuck shop.  We buy chicken wings, fish balls and beef balls.  Sometimes we go to the social worker’s room.  We play card games and chat.

At lunch, we have lunch boxes in the classroom.  Sometimes we play basketball on the playground and watch DVDs in the school hall.

My best subjects are Maths and Liberal studies.  My poorest subject is English.

After school, sometimes I go home.  Sometimes I play ball games.

This is my school life.  I not only like my school life, but also enjoy my school life.

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My school life

1A Angus Chu

Good morning.  Today, I am going to talk about my school life.

In the morning, I go to the tuck shop but some snacks and go to the library to read some books in recess.  My best subjects are P.E. and Science, because I like P.E. and Science.  In the afternoon, I eat lunch box in our classmate.  After school, my classmates and I play ball games.  After school, my classmates and I return home.

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My school life

1A David

I always go to the tuck shop with my classmates at recess.  There are curry fish balls, fried chicken wings, deep-fried potato, beef balls, and sandwiches in the tuck shop.  And I sometimes go to the library with my friends, there are many books, they are very interesting.

I eat lunch boxes at lunch.  After I have lunch, I go to watch movies with my classmates.

I always go home after school with my friends.

My best subjects are English and Science.  I always get high marks in English tests and science tests.

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My school life

1A Chan Man Ho

Good morning / good afternoon.  Today, I am going to talk about my school life.

I play with my classmates in recess.  Sometimes, I go to buy some food and drinks at the tuck shop.  If I have time, I go to the library to read books.

My best subjects are Maths, English and Science.  I like Maths because I like calculation.  I like science because it is very interesting.  And I like studying many English words.

At lunchtime, I eat my favourite lunch box in my class.  After lunch, sometimes I not only go to Kam Lan hall for watching movies, but also go to some school activities, like to surf the internet in the computer room.

After school, I go home by school bus at 4:30 p.m.  And do all homework at home.

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My school life

1A Yan Jing Wah

Today I am going to talk about my school life.  I go to school by bus, and the journey takes 45 minutes to my school.  I arrive at my school at about 8 a.m.  We have 8 lessons every day with one recess.  We have 10 minutes in recess.  In the recess we not only go to the tuck shop, but also go to the library.  We have lunch at about 1 p.m.  at lunch time, we have our lunch boxes in our classroom.  Then we are used to going to our activity room to play.  I like to play card games with my friends.  We finish our lunch time at 2 p.m. and return to the classroom for the last two lessons.  We have a lot of subjects. I not only like P.E lesson, but also like English lesson.  My poor subjects are Chinese, Math and Chinese history.  We usually finish school at about 5:30 p.m.  I sometimes feel very tired, so I go home quickly.  I arrive home at about 7:00 p.m.

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My school life

1A Betty Tam

Good morning / Good afternoon.  Today, I am going to talk about my school life.

In recess, my friend – Mary and I go to the tuck shop.  We buy mouth-watering fish balls, some chocolate and delicious bread! They are very yummy!

My best subject not only is music, but also in Chinese, because I like music, Chinese is interesting and funny!

At lunch, my classmates and I eat lunch boxes in classroom.  Next, Mary and I not only watch movie, but also play badminton.

We finish school at 4:15 p.m.  Mary and I eat ice cream.  It is yummy!  I like ice cream very much!  Finally, we go home.

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Having Film Stars as Role Models

By Nicholas Li

Hong Kong’s film stars become more and more famous.  Therefore, many students choose film stars as their role models.  Film stars have some good personalities like being confident.  It is important for students to learn how to be confident.  However, films promote bad trend for example students will buy brand name product to pretend to be a film star.  In this article, should or should not have film stars as role models will be discussed.  This issue will be examined.

The main argument for having film stars as role models is that some film stars are good role models.  As role models, they need to have significant personalities such as being confident and hard working.  When they posses good personalities, people become better than before.  It is essential for role models to have well behaviour.  If film stars become role models, they should not behave badly.  They could contribute to society.  For example, volunteering charity activities can be very meaningful.  Role models should not only have well personality and behaviour, but they should also have done some achievements.  Film stars usually work very well in their industry.  Some film stars win Oscar Award, which is a famous award in the film industry.  People will aim at this goal and follow them.

The main argument against having film stars as role models is that some film stars are not good role models.  Some of them spread a lot of scandals.  For example, obscene photos of Edison Chan were spread.  It is pity if children receive wrong message of sex.  Kelvin Kwan was arrested in Japan as he possessed drug.  It becomes a bad trend.  The message tells his fans a concept that taking drug is acceptable.

All in all, good role models should have significant influence, good behaviour and a lot of achievements.  In my opinion, film stars cannot be role models.  Some historic heroes are more suitable.  For example, Lincoln managed the USA very well.  His success can be learnt.  He had a lot of achievement.  It is more educational.

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